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Monsterland Hero

11_MonsterlandheroThis was another promo piece for Monsterland. This is the series’ protagonist. Can you tell I like Ultraman?


10_ShintoThis piece is part of a religiously inspired horror set. None of them say anything about their respective religions. I just used religious symbolism to juxtapose what we associate with piety with something we consider monstrous or beastly.

Rock Troll

9_rocktrollA character for a video game I’m working on intermittently with a friend. It’s based on Norse mythology.

Journey West

journeywest-2This was a piece of prototype promotional art for a supernatural adventure story I have yet to get around to writing or illustrating. Think “Over the Garden Wall,” but set during the Great Depression.

Squid Race

7_SquidRaceThis piece is basically me getting out of my comfort zone and getting into a bit of playful absurdity. Cartoony-Storybook goodness.

Rave Puppy

6_RavePuppyThis title makes perfect sense. I wanted to get my feat wet in psychedelic art. If you can’t tell, its my dog Charlie again.

Charlie in Autumn

5_CharlieinAutumnThis is my dog Charlie. I have been meaning to do more pieces based on him. He’s my little canine muse.

The Separation

4_TheSeperationThis was a piece I’d been dying to do for a long time. I love Deane Yeagle’s work and wanted to do a piece in his style. Not as raunchy as his stuff, but I think I gave it something interesting.


3_DentataShe walked into my life out of a dream I had in winter. I’m still waiting to wake up.

Tuesday Morning

2_TuesdayMorningHaving watched a lot of horror anime I made this as part of an experiment in minimalism and color to see if I could evoke an uneasy feeling.

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